What is up guys and welcome back to another exciting video with your boy, kd, obviously the founder of the baby shirt gang, even though this is actually a really loose shirt. So i don’t know what i’m doing, but today we’re gonna be teaching you guys how to make a hundred dollars per day, just using your good old smartphone, so get off of instagram get off Of tinder, whatever other apps you’re using because this is going to be an in-depth tutorial of how you can make 100 a day, just using your smartphone from anywhere in the world before we actually get into the content.

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Why? Because we give away a thousand dollar course to every single one of you, beautiful people who is the first commenter on every single brand new video, and we also give another free thousand dollar course to the person who gets the answer to the riddle.

Correct you guys have been loving the riddle so much. I’ve literally read through tens of thousands of comments. It feels like, over the past couple of weeks of all of your hilarious and ridiculous guesses to the answer of the widow.

So today we’re back with another riddle cause you guys seem to like it and today’s. Riddle is what building has the most stories now. The first person who actually gets the answer correct down below, will actually be the lucky recipient of a thousand dollar course that teaches you how to make money online.

So today we’re gonna be counting down three basic and easy ways to make money from your smartphone. Now are these things going to make you rich or into the next bill gates? Probably not, but what they will do is pay you at least something for doing things that you’re, probably doing anyways and the first app that we’re going to be talking about is called viggle.

Now what vigol allows you to do is actually get paid to watch tv, and i know that sounds hard to believe, but they actually do it right. They’ll, give you points and those points you can actually exchange into gift cards for places like amazon and paypal, which basically means it’s, the exact same thing as cash.

Now the reason that they’re actually able to pay. You is because it’s important and it’s, valuable for these tv networks and actual show creators to know what types of things you as a user are actually interested in right.

Because knowledge is power and attention is worth more than gold and oil, and so essentially what they allow you to do is they will pay you in points which can be redeemed for cash to actually tune in live to particular shows or streams or events, and you Can actually take those points that you earn just for watching tv which you might be watching anyways and you can turn it into cold hard cash and fun fact vigil actually came about from another app called nielsen, which actually still allows you to get a little device.

Putting it on your tv and they’ll pay you just to let them install that device on your tv so that they know what actual shows and programming that you tune into. So this is basically just the next iteration of nielsen, except using a smartphone and using a tablet and device to see what shows or movies or events that you actually tune into and stream.

The second app that we’re going to be talking about today, is called book scouter. Now what book scouter actually allows you to do is scan a particular textbook and see what the actual best price is that you could sell it for now.

If you don’t actually have access to a lot of textbooks. What you can do, especially if you live in a college town, is actually look on craigslist or facebook marketplace, or amazon or ebay or any number of places, and actually see students who no longer want those textbooks literally giving them away or throwing them away as they Move to a different location or from the dorms or to their next house, and you can take those actual books and you can resell them or if you’re in school right now in middle school or high school or college, you can actually look Around see, if you can actually find any extra textbooks in the lost and found or at the end of the semester and again, you can take them onto bookscouter and you can actually resell them that way or if you’re not in school, and You don’t, actually live in a college town.

What you can do is just scour the internet, looking for actual price differentials and if you can find a textbook that you know you can sell for more by using book scouter and you can buy it for less on ebay or you find it on facebook marketplace Or craigslist or offer up or let go or any one of those actual apps.

What you can do is what’s called arbitrage, you can buy it for less and you can sell it for more, which is essentially how all business works and the number one way to actually make a hundred dollars a day or more.

Just using your smartphone, we will get to in a second, but really quick. If you haven’t already like this video and make sure you subscribe and turn on the bells – and i just wanted to let you guys know – we actually have two other brand new youtube channels we just launched.

One is for our top 25 in the world entrepreneur podcast, where we bring on a bunch of awesome guests and the second we actually go, live and teach you how to make money online multiple times per week, where you can come, ask us questions and get answers To your questions live on youtube, so those links are down below and there also will be one up here in the corner.

Hopefully, um that you can actually click down in the description and in the first comment, so make sure you do subscribe to those channels as well, if you like, making money online and so the number one best way to make a hundred dollars per day.

Just using your smartphone is actually a site called working solutions. Now, working solutions is actually a company that’s over 20 years old. They have thousands of reviews all around the internet of people saying that they’ve, actually been able to earn money with it again.

Is this going to make you rich, probably not, but it’s very difficult to actually make a huge amount of money only using your smartphone. This is a tool that you can use to save up money that you can then invest into a more scalable option down the road like a social media, marketing agency like e-commerce, like amazon fba, some of the best ways to actually make full-time scalable income.

But what working solutions actually allows you to do? Is you can provide customer service solutions from the comfort of your own home, just using your smartphone that can come in the form of actually responding to emails, or you can even take customer service phone calls again just using your phone working from home? So if you can respond to basic emails and take basic calls, then maybe working solutions might be the perfect option for you.

So if you guys like this video, do me a quick, favor and actually comment down below make money using your phone and if we get 500 comments that say make money using your phone, then i ‘ Ll actually drop a crazy brand new strategy of how to make money online that i’ve, never released before on our next video and if you did enjoy the video we’re working hard to put these out, for you guys, make Sure you like the video and also hit the subscribe button, and we actually have a brand new playlist of videos coming to you live in three two.

One click it in the middle of your screen, guys see you there, peace click, it come on click it do. It click the playlist. Okay, you don’t have to, but i promise you’ll, like it click the playlist, see you soon.


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Published On: December 7th, 2020 / Categories: Make $100 Ideas /

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