Yes, sir, so in this video right here, i’m gonna be going over the top six websites that make a hundred dollars a day with online. Now i know you ‘ Ve, probably seen these videos before where people show you guys.

Some websites to make money online, but the thing is they never use those websites. Before in this video, i’m gonna be showing you websites that i’ve actually used myself, and i made money with so i know they work and i know that you can make money with it yourself.

So without further ado, let’s. Get into this video man [ Music ]. So the first website that i want to show you guys is youtube right. So i’m on my youtube channel right here called drew jones and, as you can see, i upload a video in 45 days.

I’m. Sorry, i’m. Sorry man, but you know i had to come back for the culture one more time for the culture yeah. I know i had to come back for y’all and i would be more consistent now, but i want to show you how this because youtube is a great way to make money online, and you can make well over a hundred dollars a day Once you get it going, but as you can see right, i made 1500 in the last 28 days from this channel and i upload a single video.

You know i’ve been gone for a little minute. Let’s actually go to september. Did i upload a video in september, and i did i uploaded one video in september that was september 3rd right but, as you can see, i made 1800 in september and i only uploaded one video, but that’s, mainly due to the fact that I uploaded hundreds of videos in the past and those videos are still making me money to this day, so that’s.

One of the best things about youtube is you can upload a video today and that video can still be making you money months? If not years down the line, some tips i have for youtube is one focus on producing high quality content that provides value number two watch time.

Youtube is a business and they want to keep people on their platform, so focus on creating engaging content that keeps people hooked and watching your videos number three is ctr, which means click-through rate.

In order to get people to actually watch your videos, they must click on them. First, so spend a lot of time, perfecting your thumbnail, so people actually want to click on your video. The second website that you can make a hundred dollars a day with online is called clickbank.

com, so you’re, going to be doing affiliate marketing on this website and that’s. Basically, where you’re selling, other people’s products and you’re, getting the commission for it now, clickbank started it all.

For me, this is how i actually started making money online using clickbank, and you can make well over a hundred dollars a day with clickbank right. So let me actually go to my channel right and you can see like i made over a thousand dollars in a single day with clickbank, where’s, the video at a thousand dollars in one day with clickbait.

So once you learn clickbank, you can make well over a hundred dollars a day and you’re. Just doing affiliate marketing you don’t have to have your own products and services or anything like that. So some tips i have for clickbank is one pick a niche and then build up our audience around that niche.

So this could be instagram, facebook, youtube, pinterest, etc. Number two is check the affiliate page for insights about the products you’re, promoting a lot of times. If you go to the affiliate page, they ‘

Ll have email, swipes photos, ad, copies, demographics, everything you need to start promoting the product. Number three is once you start getting sales ask the vendor for a commission boost, so you’ll, make more money each cell.

The third website that i want to show you guys is called stockx now. This is basically the stock market for shoes. Now i know a lot of you guys, probably not sneakerheads, but even if you’re, not a sneaker head, you can use this website to make some money right.

So let me show you guys how you can actually make money. So let me scroll down and we can go to the release calendar right, so this is where you can find some shoes that are going to be popular to buy them and resell them right now.

I actually caught these very same shoes right here so, as you can see, they released on october 14th and they’re selling for 280 right. But the thing is: if we scroll down a little bit more, the retail price was 170.

. So i paid 170 for these and they’re selling for 280.. So you can see that you can actually make some money reselling shoes and, like i said, i actually did this one myself. I got these in my crib right now as we speak, and all i got to do is list them on stockx.

As you can see, selling price 279. I can sell them right now and make a profit on them. Tips i have for stockx is one constantly check the website for new releases and how shoes are performing number two go to the local malls in your area to try to find a shoe plug, so you can buy multiple pairs of new releases.

So if you’re, doing it online chances, are you’re, probably only going to be able to get one or two pairs, but if you get a shoe plug, you can cop like five pairs and that’s. Just going five extra returns, number three is be patient when you actually order the shoes and they arrive, don’t feel pressured to sell the shoes right away, because sometimes the shoes actually go up even more in value.

If you wait a few weeks, the third website is called shopify. Now, if you go on youtube, you’re gonna see all of these different youtubers making money on shopify and i’ve, actually made money on shopify myself.

I’ve done plenty of shopify drop shipping challenges on my other channel and in fact i just dropped a video the other day where i sold the top three shopify drop shipping products of 2020. So i’m gonna leave a link down below to my second channel.

I do a bunch of challenges on there, so if you haven’t checked out my second channel. If i’m, not posting on here, you know i’m over there, but shopify basically allows you to host your own website right.

So you can sell your own products and services on there or you can do drop shipping, and if you were thinking about doing drop shipping here are a couple tips for it. Some tips i have for shopify is one find high quality products using websites like drop ship rabbit or you can go on aliexpress and just search around and see what products catches your attention and chances are if they catch your attention, they’ll catch.

Other people’s. Attention as well number two is test out multiple products and give it time to see results. Don’t do this, just for one or two days and quit now. This is going to take time like everything else in life.

Give it time to see results. Number three is have great customer service and find a way to get faster shipping times. If you want to scale. The next website that i want to show you guys is called teespring.

com now. This is where you can sell your own merch and everything like that without having to spend a dime, i’m telling you they handle the shipping of the shirts, the printed other shirts returns customer service.

Everything in between all you need is a good design right. So all you got ta do is hit start designing and you can pick out what shirt that you want to sell or you can sell some hoodies some face masks.

They got everything that you really need on here, leggings as well. So all we’re gonna do is hit start with this and then let’s just go to a classic tee and we’re gonna hit, sell and then, like i said, all you got ta do is Upload your design, and if you scroll down you, can see how much profit you’re gonna be making each cert.

So if you sell it for 21.99, you’re gonna be making 11.42 in profit. Some tips i have for teespring is one have a great design. You have to have a great design in order for people to actually want to buy whatever you’re selling.

Number two is learn: facebook, ads and instagram influencers, because this is actually how you’re gonna be driving traffic to whatever you’re selling. Unless you already have an audience built up, number three is experiment with different designs.

So don’t just test out one design and then stop. If that doesn’t work out now test out multiple designs and eventually you will find a winner. The next website is called now. This is where you can do some freelancing on.

So, if you’re good at writing, you’re good at graphic design. You’re good at designing logos, shopify websites. If you’re good at anything, you could come on fiverr and offer your services. As you can see, they got a bunch of different categories, social media marketing, seo they got writing.

They got video animation, whiteboard explainer, videos, if we actually click on this. I know this one is a popular one and i know you can make a lot of money for doing this one as you can see 150 and she has 289 five star reviews.

So you can see people are actually making money on fiverr and i actually made a video on me working a whole entire week on fiverr and i actually made some money with it. So if you want to check out that video, it’s on my second channel, i’m gonna leave a link down below in the description for that.

But if you were thinking about getting into fiber here are a couple tips. Some tips i have for fiverr is one off your services for cheap at first. Just do this in the beginning, in order to get some orders in number two is: have your friends and family leave some reviews for you, so that you can get pushed up to the top number three is under promise and over deliver.

So whatever you’re offering under promise and over deliver on it, but that’s. Gon na wrap up today’s video. I hope that you guys enjoyed it and got value out of it. If you did drop a like on this, video drop a comment down below and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already also check out my other channel.

We’re almost at 30k over there man, it’s crazy. That channel is going extremely fast. I do weekly challenges just showing you guys different ways of making money online so make sure y ‘ All check that out, like i said but other than that man i’m out – i’ll catch you on the next one.

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