Oh hey guys, this is melissa from melissa at home and welcome back to another video because we are still homebound. I figured why not share some website with with you guys if you are interested in you know using your spare time to earn some additional income now.

These companies that I’m going to share with you. You do not need to have much experience or any experience. They do not conduct any formal interviewing or you don’t have to submit any application or go through strenuous application process, or any of that you could just jump on and take calls and earn money or you could just jump on and answer some Questions simply answer questions and earn additional income.

These companies that I’m sharing with you today offers simple ways to earn money in your spare time. The first company is up call and with up call, you can earn $ 12 an hour by you know calling from home.

So you basically be like a kool caller. You could jump on it anytime that you are free to. You know start making calls and earning money. Okay, so let’s, go scroll down to how it works. If you want to become an up caller and earn extra income from home, it’s very simple.

First, you just create your profile. Second start calling third earn money. It’s that simple it’s, really that simple, just three simple steps and getting started in earning money right now, while you have some free time as you’re watching this video, you could be signing up to up Call and getting your application approved again it’s, not like a application where you have to sending your resume or cover letter or anything like that.

You just you know, creating a profile and putting some information about yourself. You may they may ask you about certain skills that you have and that’s. Basically it and you can start making calls within two to three days.

Okay, so there is an approval process, but it’s, a very short approval process and again it did not require you to have a lot of experience in doing this. They have a world-class platform, a call works with your existing PC or laptop simply plug your microphone in in York.

It’s ago. Ok, so just you know, if you have a USB headset or if your computer have a speaker on it, then you definitely can utilize that to take calls ok, but I highly recommend that you get a USB headset if you do not have a USB headset to Make calls I have a link to a recommended headset, then you can get very quickly with Amazon and it’s very affordable, not expensive at all, and you could get your headset as soon as within one to two days with amazoness.

If you have Amazon Prime, maybe sooner right, so you can get a headset and get started in working and again simply plug your microphone in, and you are good to go start making calls. They also have real time.

Earnings reporting access calls history, duration, reviews from clients and statistics, so you get to review your own call history, the duration of the calls and so forth. So you get access to see all that information for yourself.

They also have a Facebook page, so you can join their face, so you can follow them on Facebook and join their Facebook group and be a part of their weekly motivation, meaning of course this is very helpful because it will help you to be more productive and Produce even better quality calls, which is great, because this will help to build up your experience, and also you can add this to your resume when you’re applying for other work from home positions right.

So you definitely want to look into these types of opportunity because they are very beneficial in a long term. So again, check out up call sign up is absolutely free. You can start earning money a very short period of time and you can earn a minimum of $ 12 per hour, so you can make up to $ 100 a day with up callers, so the next company I want to show it to you guys is coming From cambly Kimberly is a tutoring service, but they’re, not your typical tutoring online service.

You do not have to have any experience at all: no certificate, no teaching certificate or anything like that, and it’s very simple to get started with them get paid. While you chat with students, they automatically track the time you tutor, they pay 17 cents per minutes, which adds up to 10 dollars and 20 cents per hour.

Delivering your earning every Monday via PayPal. So you’d, have to have PayPal to work for cambly and they pay every Monday that’s. Weekly pay right! You could work anytime anywhere, you choose! You make your own hours work as little or as much as you want.

You can log online whenever you feel, like you, have some free moment and start taking calls within minutes. Okay meet interesting people. It’s very exciting to meet new people right, especially since we’re stuck at home, and you may want to start interacting with people, so you can chat with people from around the world.

In one hour of tutoring, you might meet a Brazilian, you might meet someone from Broome, Russia and so on. So you ‘ Ll, learn a lot about their cultures and their languages as well, so pretty exciting, right meeting people all over the world.

While you’re earning money on your free time, okay, so definitely check out cambly again. They do not require you to have much experience. It’s very simple to get started with them as well. So these are two main websites that I wanted to share with you guys a call and cambly, so links will be posted below this video to both these companies.

If you’re, a college student and you’re stuck at home, then you can earn some additional income where you are alright, so that’s. All I have to share with you guys on today and again stay safe and I’ll, see you guys next time in another video happy work from home, bye, bye,

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Published On: December 7th, 2020 / Categories: Make $100 Ideas /

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